Behold. Paring away the partisan rind with a patriot’s eye, there are four impeachments in the mix.

In an American democratic system that worked, 2021 would have seen four separate presidential impeachments for high crimes that merit the rare and carefully considered step of removal from office regardless of his/her…

It’s the end of the first quarter, our team is losing 208,000–0, and our head coach is stricken. Do we stay on our current game plan or try something new?

We Americans love our American Football games! We equally love our sports analogies to cheer on winning approaches too. So what if Team America played against Team Covid in a football game? How would we win and how could we lose?

First, the game stakes exceed good hot dogs, beer…

California’s Giant Leap Toward 100% Clean Energy, Clean Economy Prosperity

When Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 100 this September, California took a giant step toward climate prosperity on the eve of the Governor’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. The act resonates even more now.

Congratulations to Assemblywoman Catharine…

Mark Bauhaus

Mark Bauhaus is a market-oriented systems thinker, Environmental Entrepreneur, Partner @JustBusiness, Mentor to purpose-driven startups, & Tech Industry Exec.

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