Behold. Paring away the partisan rind with a patriot’s eye, there are four impeachments in the mix.

In an American democratic system that worked, 2021 would have seen four separate presidential impeachments for high crimes that merit the rare and carefully considered step of removal from office regardless of his/her party or politics. As inconvenient as this may be, accountability in each case is essential for a lawful democracy of & for & by the people and to prevent future abuse.

First a president and his advisors actively collaborated with Russian agents to target and barrage an American election with false information to tip the result for himself. This foreign interference was expressly forbidden by the authors of our constitution. A president did this in 2016 but wasn’t charged due to obstruction of justice within the executive branch.

Second a president extorted a foreign leader using congressionally approved foreign and military aid during that country’s hot war in return for fake dirt on his election opponent. The foreign leader did not follow through but the abuse of power clearly occurred according to recordings and multiple credible witnesses from both parties. A president did this in 2018 (with the Ukraine Prime Minister).

Third a president exhorted and helped organize sedition to reverse election results after a valid, accurate, and certified national election after he lost in a “landslide”. He pressured his vice president to abuse his power to force congress to defraud the people’s votes and the vice president declined. The president falsified election disinformation and used tools of his office to incite violent attack on Congress and the vice president when a domestic terrorist mob beseiged the U.S. Capital building. He also obstructed rescue by law and order authorities, which further endangered the lives of government leadership. A president did this in 2021.

Fourth a president who attempts to pardon himself for crimes, and pardons to others to cover up his crimes, commits the ultimate high crime of declaring himself above the law. Constitutional framers expressly forbid any person declaring himself/herself above the law. No democracy escapes despot autocracy unless all its leaders are subject to laws of the land. A president may well have attempted this by the time this sentence is read in 2021.

I notice that each impeachable act is more egregious, if that’s possible, than the last. Imagine each of your most and least favorite past presidents exhibiting these behaviors. Putting policy and party aside, there’s no question that they are high crimes that are unacceptable in a functioning democracy. Here we are. Four times when conviction is required to save our republic.

Peaches are so much prettier that im-peachments. But here we are.